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Scrooge Productions is a private recording studio that started out in New York City and is now located in Los Angeles CA.

Over the years we've worked on Movie and TV Soundtracks, Radio Commercials

Custum Backing Tracks as well as Albums and Demos for up and coming artists.

We specialize in the lost art of artist development and work with singers and songwriters to see their project through from conception to a finished product.


In addition to Recording and Producing Herman Eng is a Guitarist, Bassist and Singer who performs with various bands in LA, Las Vegas and NY.

Herman is also currently doing guitar tech work for major artists, playing guitar on 2 movie soundtracks and performing with Chuck St. Troy and "American Pop" in Las Vegas. When not on the road he runs The Guitar ER West doing guitar repairs and custom work for local guitarists.

Herman has recorded and produced over 500 recordings and logged over 2000 gigs across the USA.


Herman Eng - Engineer, Producer, Guitarist, Guitar Tech 
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