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"When I'm home I run a small Guitar and Bass repair shop.

I provide fast personal service to my dedicated local clientele.

Remember NOTHING BEATS A GREAT SET UP!  You'll fall in love with your guitar all over again!"

Herman is currently a touring Backline Technician/Guitar Tech for Paul Simon and has toured with Sting, Bob Dylan and many  others.

Shop service is by appointment only.  Call Herman at (818) 486-2888


Shop Rate $75/hour

Minimum shop charge $15


$55 SETUP For 6 String Guitars

or 4 String Basses Includes:

• Clean & Condition Fingerboard 

• Adjust Neck • Tighten Tuners 

• Lower nut slots if necessary

• Lube & Polish Nut Slots 

• Check for High Frets & buzzing

• Check/Clean Electronics 

• Re-String • Adjust Tremolo 

• Adjust Pickup Height

• Adjust Action & Intonation 

• Clean/Polish  • Test Play


NOTE: Heavily worn/ deeply grooved and/or high frets causing buzzing additional...price upon Inspection


Locking Nut Tremolo add $20

BIGSBY Tremolo add $5

Replace strings

Guitar $15   Bass $15   Bigsby $20   Locking Trem $25

Strings- Electric $6, Acoustic $8., Bass $20.  Or BYO welcome



Truss rod adjustment   $15

Intonation- Electric Guitar or bass  $15

Pre slotted Tusq Nut installation $35

New Bone Nut 6 string  $$75.

Acoustic Saddle  $15 to file lower,  $45 and up for new

Strap Button install $15

Tuner replacement… Set of 6 $30. ($55 if reaming is needed)

Strings and restring additional


Fret Level and Polish, includes set up $125

File and round Fret Ends $30 with Set Up  $50 without




Trouble shoot malfunction – depending on problem.typically $55.

Passive Pickup installation $50 for first, $10 each additional $59.

Active system with replacement pots $65 and up

Rewire – strip down electric components $69.

Wire Strat Pickguard $125

(Includes 3 new 250K pots, 5 way switch, your pickups)

Replace Potentiometer $30 and up

Replace toggles (Gibson, Fender) $30 and up

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